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  • Gaziantep GoTürkiye

    Located at the junction of Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean, on the historical Silk Road, the ancient city Gaziantep embraced different civilizations for generations and offers its visitors modernity and tradition with a unique taste.

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    Gaziantep is an ancient city adorned with cultural, religious, and gastronomic riches and 6000 years of history. Its location on trade routes and the crossing point of civilizations has made it popular and enriched in every period.



    Houses in Old Antep (Eski Antep Evleri) have leaned to each other for years and have become a shelter for the people of Antep by keeping the streets always in shade in the summer heat.



    Throughout history, the cultural heritage of the people who have adopted this place as a homeland has revealed a unique cultural structure reflecting the diversity of food in Gaziantep.



    While you are walking around the streets of Antep, you may catch various smells, but not all of them are from delicious dishes.



    Antep city is not only about delicious food and archaeological riches. It is possible to hear the hidden story of the city sometimes in a folk song, sometimes in the hammer sounds of the craftsmen or the thundering of the Euphrates River.



    10 vibes for Gaziantep

    like locals

    Having breakfast with Beyran, Liver Kebab (Cağırtlak Kebab) or Katmer.

    48 hours

    in Gaziantep

    You can start your day by exploring various museums in central Gaziantep.